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Were You Injured At Work? Learn What Your Rights to Compensation May Be From Our Work Injury Accident Lawyer in Orange County, California

One of the most common places where a person could be injured is at work. Whether you have a physically demanding job, sedentary desk job, or anything in between, you could suffer a work injury accident. Under California law, individuals injured in a workplace accident could be entitled to recover compensation under workers’ compensation, in a personal injury action, or sometimes both. It is important to know what your rights are from a work injury accident lawyer in Orange County, California, because electing the wrong type of avenue could result in less compensation than you may need.

Here at Tim Dominguez Law, our compassionate and experienced legal team can help evaluate your claim during a FREE consultation to advise you what your rights to compensation may be. Our firm also pays the upfront costs and disbursements of litigation and accepts cases on a contingency fee basis, meaning those costs and our fees are only paid after we recover compensation for you. Learn how our work injury accident lawyer in Orange County, California can help you.

What is Workers’ Compensation?

Many work injury accidents will allow a victim to recover workers’ compensation. This is a statutory benefits program which is no-fault, meaning that liability does not need to be proven. All that is required is that the injury be caused or related to the workplace for a victim to be entitled to compensation.

In exchange for this no fault system of benefits, an injured employee cannot sue an employer in almost all circumstances (unless and employer causes intentional harm or places an employee in a position which almost guarantees certain injury or death). This means that workers’ compensation is the “exclusive remedy” in many work injury situations.

Workers’ compensation generally pays for a portion of lost wages and all medical bills. There are instances where workers’ compensation may pay for other services or needs that are related to the workplace accident, such as retraining.

When Can You Commence A Personal Injury Action for A Work Injury Accident?

Although most workplace injuries and accidents will result in workers’ compensation coverage, there are exceptions where an injured worker may be entitled to file a personal injury action. This often results in more compensation than a workers’ compensation claim, however it requires a victim to prove fault.

There are limited instances where a person may be entitled to file a personal injury action for a work injury accident in California. Some examples include where a third-party has harmed the worker, such as in a motor vehicle accident or a negligent subcontractor. Other instances include where an employer intentionally harmed a worker, or where another business or government agency is responsible for the worker’s injuries.

Hurt at Work? Ask Our Work Injury Accident Lawyer in Orange County, CA for Help

If you or a loved one were injured at work, learn how our skilled and compassionate team at Tim Dominguez Law can help recover compensation for you. Our work injury accident lawyer in Orange County, California, will work with your treating physicians to help prove your damages claim, while potentially hiring experts to help prove liability. We can evaluate all avenues where you may be entitled to compensation, and help you choose the correct one.

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