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Riverside County, CA

Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Riverside County, California Can Help Victims Recover Compensation After an Accident

No one plans to be injured in an accident, but the unfortunate truth is that many Californians are injured each year in motor vehicle crashes, falls, due to medical errors, or in work injury accidents. These accidents cause serious injuries that can result in shocking lost wages or medical bills, sometimes overburdening a family. If this happens to you in Riverside, Corona, Jurupa Valley, Moreno Valley, Murrieta, Temecula, Perris, Menifee, Indio, Hemet, or anywhere else in Riverside County or throughout California, call our personal injury lawyer in Riverside County, CA for help.

Here at Tim Dominguez Law, we offer FREE consultations, pay the upfront costs of litigation which is reimbursed only if we make a recovery for you, and our attorneys’ fees are only paid after we recover compensation for you in a settlement, verdict, or court award. This is because we are dedicated to helping victims and their families after a negligent person, business, or government agency harmed you or a loved one. Learn how we can help you by dialing NUMBER to schedule your appointment.

Types of Cases That We Handle

Our legal team in Riverside County, California can handle nearly any type of bodily harm or personal injury case. Whether it is against a private individual or large hospital, our team has the skill, resources, and experienced necessary to protect your rights to compensation under the law.

Some of the most common types of cases that we handle include the following:

– Car accidents
– Slip and falls
– Medical malpractice
– Trucking Wrecks
– Trip and falls
– Birth Injuries
– Bicycle accidents
– Motorcycle crashes
– Dog bites
– Work injury accidents
– Animal attacks
– Hit by car (pedestrian knockdown)
– Bus, train, or common carrier accidents
– Ridesharing accidents
– Boating crashes
– Wrongful death cases
– Sexual assault/abuse cases, and
– Any other type of accident resulting in any type of physical, emotional, or financial harm to an innocent individual or family in Riverside County or throughout California.

What We Can Do For You After an Accident

It can be overwhelming, frustration, and confusing after an accident. This may be caused by not just your injuries, but by an insurance adjuster who is trained to confuse you and get you to accept less compensation than you deserve. This is why all victims of an accident in California should consult with a personal injury lawyer in Riverside County, CA right away to protect their rights to compensation.

After an accident, our lawyers can help you:

– Obtain and compile medical records
– Obtain police reports and speak with responding officers or investigators
– Give notice of a loss to the insurance carrier
– Attempting to reach a pre-litigation settlement with the adjuster or defense lawyer
– Commence a legal action to protect your rights if a defendant will not fairly compensate you
– Conduct discovery and defend motions, attend conferences, and prepare for trial if a defendant is being unreasonable
– Protect your rights during an appeal, if necessary
– Answer all questions that you may have while your case is with our law office.

Hurt Anywhere in Riverside County? Ask Our Personal Injury Lawyer in Riverside County, California for Compensation

Tim Dominguez Law is a bodily injury law firm dedicated to recovering compensation for victims and their families after a reckless or careless person, business, or government official harms them in an avoidable accident. Our personal injury lawyer in Riverside County, California offers FREE consultations and does not get paid until you get paid in a settlement, verdict, or other court award. Learn how we can help you by dialing 800-5756-LAW or sending us a message on our “Contact Us” box here.